epiphany_easter_sundayOur prayer book states that “the mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ.” At Epiphany, we take this seriously.

One aspect of restoring union between God and God’s people is worship. In each of our weekly services, we do our best to commune with God and one another through prayer, music, scripture, and the sacraments. Children are always welcome at worship, and we try to involve as many people as possible in the various lay ministries of worship: acolytes, choirs, readers, and ushers. We welcome both infants and adults to the Christian life through Baptism, and gather each Sunday for the Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving for Christ’s life, death, and promise of eternal life.

Another way we restore the unity of God and each other is through outreach to those Jesus loved the most: the poor, the oppressed, and the neglected. Every Wednesday night, about 120 hungry and homeless people are welcomed into our church and served a hot dinner. Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Pastoral Visitors go to local hospitals to bring communion and incarnate the love of God to those who are ill. We currently support the schooling of 57 children in our companion village of Mlowa Barabarani, Tanzania, and have given them a cow and sent two members of the parish to bring our greetings to Tanzania in person.

Finally, we approach our unity with God by developing relationships with our neighbors. Fellowship and friendship are import parts of the Christian life, and bring us closer to understanding and loving Jesus. Every Sunday after worship, we gather in the back of the church for coffee, refreshments, and conversation. We gather for education, build friendships through common ministries, and sometimes just enjoy each other’s company, at our annual Epiphany Under the Stars dinner or in our 20s-30s group.