We welcome all people – young and old, gay and straight, born in the U.S. and born abroad, from many religious backgrounds.

We care about our neighbors. We feed the homeless and hungry, support education in Tanzania, and try to make the world a place of justice and fairness for all God’s children.

We love each other. No Epiphany event is complete without food and laughter. We are never perfect, but in a busy city it is good to find friends to laugh and cry with, to share stories of your day, your children, your parents, and your job.

And we pray together. We are an Episcopal Church. We have fairly traditional worship – organ music and hymns, Bible readings, a 10-minute sermon, the Nicene Creed, some Prayers, and Eucharist (or Communion, or the Mass – whatever you grew up calling it). Our worship is a time to connect deeply to God through stories, music, silence, sacraments, and prayer.

If you want to be welcomed, care, love and pray – stop by our worship, send us an e-mail, or give us a call.

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