Many people find themselves looking for a church because of a change in life circumstance; the birth of a child, an engagement, or the sickness and death of a loved one.  Epiphany strives to make Christ’s presence known in all of these instances, welcoming with open arms the joyful and the grieving.

If you are interested in being baptized, or having your child be baptized, the first step is to come worship with us on a Sunday.  Introduce yourself to the clergy, and we will arrange a meeting to discuss the spiritual joys and responsibilities of becoming a Christian.

If you are interested in getting married at Epiphany (or having one of our clergy do your premarital counseling for a wedding elsewhere) please contact the church office at 212-737-2720. A list of fees for weddings for non-church members is available.

If a loved one is dying or has died, and you wish to arrange a hospital visit or a funeral, please call the church office at 212-737-2720 and ask to speak to the clergy.  All funerals will follow the Burial Office in the Book of Common Prayer.