Deacon Horace Whyte

Deacon Whyte was born in Jamaica, West Indies, where he received most of his education. He grew up in a rather large family of nine brothers and three sisters. He moved to New York City in 1965 and continued his studies. After graduation, Deacon Whyte began to work for Random House Publishers, where his entire career was spent working in various positions until retiring in 2003. He did voluntary work at Roosevelt Hospital for five years, ministering to HIV/AIDS patients.

His home parish, St. Matthew and St. Timothy, was very instrumental in sponsoring him for his vocation. He was ordained deacon in 1997. He remained in that parish until 2004, doing liturgical and pastoral outreach, and visiting the sick. He founded the feeding program, with 35 volunteers feeding up to 75 hungry and homeless guests, which continues to be a success.

Deacon Whyte was called to the Church of the Epiphany in 2004, where he continues to volunteer his time. He works with the volunteers and guests at the weekly dinner program for the homeless, offering pastoral care to all. His liturgical ministry in the parish is to proclaim the Gospel, prepare the table for Holy Communion, and receive gifts at the altar. He preaches at least once a year. And every Sunday he dismisses the congregation at the end of the mass.

A deacon’s ministry is that of servanthood, as stated in the ordination examination on page 543 of the Book of Common Prayer. “You are to serve all people, particularly the poor, the weak, the sick and the lonely.” This ministry Deacon Whyte takes very seriously.