The Rev. Joseph Zorawick

Joe Zorawick grew up in Manhattan on 70th and 69th street between York and First Avenue. He went to public schools on the East Side and then to Collegiate and Columbia on the West Side. After the Army and a time in business he went to the General Theological Seminary, where he first met the Reverend Andrew Mullins.

After graduating from General he became curate of what was then St. Stephen’s Church. A year and a half later he was called to be rector after the death of the former rector. In 1976, he and the vestry of St. Stephen’s accomplished the merger with Christ Church (which was two blocks away) and the joint parish became known as Christ & St. Stephen’s Church. During his ministry he was involved with acquiring neighborhood buildings to provide housing for the elderly poor and in developing an arts program at the parish with concerts, plays , dance and musicals. The parish also sold their air rights which greatly aided the financial footing of the place. Rev. Zorawick retired in 1996.

In 1997 the then-Interim Rector at Epiphany, George Packard, recommended Joe for that position as Father Packard had committed himself to another parish. When Andrew Mullins arrived their friendship was revived, and he remained at Epiphany as an Associate. He preaches and celebrates regularly except in the summer when he and his wife retreat to their place on Cape Cod.