Epiphany's Music Program

Music is central to worship at The Church of the Epiphany. Prior to Covid-19, the volunteer and professional singers in the Epiphany Choir, along with our Epiphany Choristers (grade 3 and up) and our Cherub Choir (kindergarten to 2nd grade), regularly sang in our services.

Currently, Epiphany’s music program is led by our exceptionally talented choral section leaders of the Epiphany Choir, and we were excited to have our volunteer singers join them this past spring.

 If you are interested in singing (or having your child sing), please contact our Interim Organist and Choir Director, Stephen Rapp .


Our New Organ

As of May 29, 2020, the Church of the Epiphany has contracted with M. L. Bigelow & Co., Organ Builders to construct a pipe organ for our new sanctuary.

The new organ will be installed and completed in 2023 and will be Opus 44 for Bigelow & Co.

The organ pipes will be placed in two cases in the front of the sanctuary, with the organ console on the left side. The choirs will be located behind the altar, between the two organ cases and back into the apse area.

The organ will have 37 voices over three manuals and pedal, comparable to the size of the Aeolian-Skinner organ in our current building. The key and pedal action will be mechanical with the exception of three ranks: Lieblich Gedackt, Basson, and Fanfare Trumpet, which will be electro-pneumatic. Stop action will be electric with multi-level memory and sequencer.

To view the organ stop list, click here.

Bigelow & Co. is located in American Fork, Utah.